Race Relations in the United States

As I sit here, staring at a blank screen I start to wonder if we’ve actually become less tolerant as a society, or if we’re just making it known. We’ve had issues with race relations in this country since the beginning.

The difference between then and now is access to information, and not censoring what you can see.

This is a good thing. Being able to see there is a problem, and then working on a solution is necessary.

Mike Rowe wrote an article where he blames the instant access to unfiltered information, and writes about that like it’s a problem – like it’s THE problem. That’s not a problem, that’s eventually part of the solution.

We SHOULD know when someone is shot sitting in their car, lawfully carrying a firearm. We SHOULD know when someone is on the ground and is then shot 4 times. We SHOULD know that someone shot and killed 5 police officers in Dallas.

These are ALL things that, while sad, and sickening, we as a society need to know is happening. The problem isn’t that we don’t need to see it, it’s that we need to see more of it. The entire picture. The entire story.

If we sit idly by and dismiss racism, police brutality, brutality against police, non-attempts at de-escalation, etc. We aren’t helping society. We are part of the problem. YOU are part of the problem.

A wise person once said “You cannot ignore societies problems, just because it makes you feel better. You need to get out there and help society work through its problems.”

Next time you see a police officer, tell them you appreciate the work that they do. Next time you see a black person, don’t walk across the street because you think they’re a “Thug.” Have a dialog, get to know them.

We need to stop hating peoples differences. We need to stop hating people. We need to stop hating groups. We need to stop hate groups!

#BlackLivesMatter does not mean “Only Black Lives Matter” – The movement knows that all lives matter, that’s their point. Stop treating black people like they don’t matter.

Statistics prove there is a problem with the policing of black people, and it isn’t because “They commit more crime.” It’s because we has a society has a problem. We need a solution.

Stop Hurting, Stop Blaming, Start Helping.


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